What’s Wrong with My Car?

Lots of used cars have problems.  The older they get, the more problems they have.  Most of the time, for those who have been driving for a long time, narrowing down the issue or defect isn't that hard.  Professional mechanics can often times just hear the defect and...

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2 Ways to Know If Your Car Is A Lemon

Did you recently buy a new or used car that has problems?  Have you contacted the dealership and been told there is nothing they can do?  Have you taken your car into the shop a bunch of times and you are still having problems?  These are common scenarios we hear all...

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Should I Negotiate with a Debt Collector?

We've received many inquiries this week about negotiating with debt collectors.  Let's get right to it... if you are sued by a debt collector, or even if you've received a phone call or a letter from them, you SHOULD NOT negotiate with them by yourself.   I'm not...

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What is a deficiency judgment after a repossession?

If you finance a vehicle purchase, or take a loan to buy a vehicle, you have to pay back that loan in accordance with the terms of the contract.  If you do not, the bank who loaned you the money will have a right to repossess the vehicle.  That means the bank will...

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Fraud in Certified Preowned Cars

Almost all major vehicle manufactures have a Certified Preowned Program.  Generally, speaking, this is a manufacturers way of raising the price on late model vehicles.  It usually means the vehicle is no more than 3-4 years old and the purpose of the certified...

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Common Problems with Used Cars

With the weather warming up, more people are getting outside, more people are shopping, more people are buying cars, and that means our phones are ringing more with used car problems.  This time of year always causes us to start wondering, "Is there a used car without...

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Repossession Letters

Most people who buy a new or used car have to finance the vehicle through a bank.  In other words, they take a loan to buy the car and then pay the loan back over a set number of years.  Some people fall on hard times and can't afford to make the monthly payment.  If...

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Hidden Price Hikes on Car Purchases

Not much surprises us anymore when it comes to things car dealerships will do to defraud consumers out of money.  We have been doing this for too long.  However, it has been surprising lately to see that dealerships are starting to charge more for a used car during...

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District Justice Judgments

We've had a number of calls over the last few weeks from people who think they are being sued with a new lawsuit.  As the consultation goes on, the client inevitably says "I was sued for this claim years ago".  At that point, we need to take a look at the docket and...

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#1 Item to Determine a Valid Repossession

As part of our Auto Fraud cases, people contact our office all the time about defective cars they purchased.  We also receive phone calls about vehicles being repossessed.  The car owner fell on hard times and stopped paying their car loan.  As such, the bank sent a...

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Should I Pay This Debt?

We get calls every day asking us to negotiate debt.  For some people, paying debt is a good idea.  For others, its not such a good idea.   Most people do not realize the nature of debt.  The typical phone call goes like this..."Attorney Artim, I have a debt with Chase...

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Never Purchase Gap Insurance

A few weeks ago, we explained the purpose of Gap Insurance and a possible bad faith legal claim you might have against the Gap Insurance company if it refuses to pay on your claim.  See that post HERE. If you happen to find this post before you bought the Gap...

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Midland Funding Sued Me, Now What?

The mailman knocks at the door.  You answer and he says "sign this please".   Hesitating, you sign the green card.   Its a letter from your local District Justice.  You open it to find that you are being sued by Midland Funding, LLC.  Who in the world is that?  You've...

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Online Car Buying

With the ever growing online retail market, it is no surprise that car buying is moving online as well.  There are a ton of companies online running virtual auto dealerships.  Some of them are simply listing sites.  That means a local dealership will pay an online...

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Recently Won Case Against a Dealership

A couple of months ago we received a call from a young woman in West Virginia.  She traveled to Uniontown, PA to purchase a used vehicle from used car dealership.  She purchased a used mini van and drove it home.  At the time of sale, the vehicle did not have a valid...

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Gap Insurance Isn’t Paying

One thing you can be sure of, if there is a way for a car dealership to make more money from its customers, it will figure out how to do it.  Gap Insurance is a good example.  Gap insurance is an insurance policy to protect you against "gaps" in your payments toward...

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PA Judgment Laws

We get many calls about judgments and Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania.  Most people say "the judgment is over 4 years old, so why are they still trying to collect?"   The error there is the mixed combination of legal theories.   A statute of limitations applies...

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Commercial vs. Residential Vehicles

Pennsylvania's Lemon Law only applies to residential (household) vehicles.  It almost seems unfair, but vehicles used for commercial purposes are not covered.  That means a small business owner, say a contractor, could buy a big Ford pickup truck to use as his...

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Selling a car with too many defects

Pennsylvania law provides protection to consumers who buy used vehicles that suffer from very specific defects.  For example, if you buy a used car with a bad transmission, you are protected by the Law if the dealership didn't tell you about the bad transmission prior...

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