Never Purchase Gap Insurance

A few weeks ago, we explained the purpose of Gap Insurance and a possible bad faith legal claim you might have against the Gap Insurance company if it refuses to pay on your claim.  See that post HERE. If you happen to find this post before you bought the Gap...

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Midland Funding Sued Me, Now What?

The mailman knocks at the door.  You answer and he says "sign this please".   Hesitating, you sign the green card.   Its a letter from your local District Justice.  You open it to find that you are being sued by Midland Funding, LLC.  Who in the world is that?  You've...

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Online Car Buying

With the ever growing online retail market, it is no surprise that car buying is moving online as well.  There are a ton of companies online running virtual auto dealerships.  Some of them are simply listing sites.  That means a local dealership will pay an online...

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Recently Won Case Against a Dealership

A couple of months ago we received a call from a young woman in West Virginia.  She traveled to Uniontown, PA to purchase a used vehicle from used car dealership.  She purchased a used mini van and drove it home.  At the time of sale, the vehicle did not have a valid...

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Gap Insurance Isn’t Paying

One thing you can be sure of, if there is a way for a car dealership to make more money from its customers, it will figure out how to do it.  Gap Insurance is a good example.  Gap insurance is an insurance policy to protect you against "gaps" in your payments toward...

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PA Judgment Laws

We get many calls about judgments and Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania.  Most people say "the judgment is over 4 years old, so why are they still trying to collect?"   The error there is the mixed combination of legal theories.   A statute of limitations applies...

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Commercial vs. Residential Vehicles

Pennsylvania's Lemon Law only applies to residential (household) vehicles.  It almost seems unfair, but vehicles used for commercial purposes are not covered.  That means a small business owner, say a contractor, could buy a big Ford pickup truck to use as his...

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Selling a car with too many defects

Pennsylvania law provides protection to consumers who buy used vehicles that suffer from very specific defects.  For example, if you buy a used car with a bad transmission, you are protected by the Law if the dealership didn't tell you about the bad transmission prior...

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12 ways to Defeat an “As-Is” Clause

Many used cars are sold "As-Is."  We explain more about what "As-Is" means here:  For the most part, it is a dealership's number one way to try to avoid liability for a bad car sale.  When consumers call...

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Writ of Execution – What does it mean?

We've had lots of calls over the last few weeks asking about a Writ of Execution.  Can I hire you?  Why didn't they give me notice?  What can be done?   These are some of the frequent questions that we get regarding Writs of Execution. What is a Writ of Execution?  A...

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New Federal Law for Used Cars

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has laws regarding the sale of used cars.  Most people are familiar with these laws, but don't realize they are federal regulations.  The FTC provides federal regulations for a dealership's ability to sell a vehicle "As-Is."  If you...

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Prior Accidents and Written Contracts

In our Used Car Auto Fraud Practice, we receive a ton of calls from potential clients suffering from the following problem: "I bought a used car last year.  I went to trade it in this year to get another car, but the new dealership says the car is worth significantly...

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Why Do Some Attorneys Offer Free Consultations?

At our office, for most consumer claims we offer a free initial consultation (we do charge for federal student loan consultations).  We do this as a courtesy to our potential clients.  As a consumer law firm, we are most often dealing with a consumer who is being...

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Our Rules for Vehicle Inspections

There are multiple reasons we may decide to sue a Car Dealership.  One of those reasons is because the Dealership sold you a car that was in a bad condition at the time of sale.  Pennsylvania Law requires the dealership to disclose certain conditions, like a bad...

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Can I Sue My Insurance Company?

The short answer is Yes!  This is call a "Bad Faith" claim.  When you purchase an insurance policy, whether for Home, Auto, Life, etc., the insurance company agrees to cover certain issues that arise.  These issues are called "claims" in the insurance industry.  For...

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Please Hire an Attorney

Well, for the 5th time in the last 7 days I've had a new client inquiry where the individual has been representing themselves in a credit card lawsuit.  The common scenario is this...Debt buyer sues person.  Person goes on internet and googles what to do.  Google...

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Is My Car A Lemon?

Pennsylvania law provides a lot of protections for people who buy new and used cars.  We provide more specific information in our Lemon Law and Auto Fraud page, but here we wanted to provide a quick reference guide to determine whether you have a Lemon.  Is your...

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ITT Tech Problems

As you may have heard, ITT Technical Institute recently closed its doors, leaving thousands of students nationwide stuck in "no man's land".  The closing occurred because the Department of Education ruled that ITT could not accept any new students who used federal...

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Predatory Auto Loans

A few years ago the American economy was shocked when the residential mortgage market went belly up and people start losing their homes.  Movies have been made, lectures have been held, and a lot has been written on how the mortgage crisis developed over years and the...

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Credit Report Problems

Everyone has credit report problems.  It can be an incorrect entry, an account that you paid off that's mis-marked, an incorrect amount, an incorrect delinquency, or a host of other things.   Fortunately, you have protection under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)....

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