1099C from a Debt Collector

The IRS requires any entity discharging a debt to file an "information return" on a Form 1099-C with the IRS. See Treas. Reg. § 1.6050P-1(a). Debt collectors or creditors will sometimes mail a form 1099-C to a consumer when debt is settled, discharged, or is no longer...

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Deposition in Aid of Execution

What in the world is a Deposition in Aid of Execution?  Why am I receiving this?  Did I get sued?   These are the hot questions of the day.  We receive at least one of these calls every day at our office and sometimes its up to 6-7 calls per day.  If you've received a...

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PA Debt Collection Laws

For today's blog post I want to talk about some general collection issues and terms that we get asked about quite often.   Let's start with the Statute of Limitations.   The Statute of Limitations (SOL) for credit card debt in Pennsylvania is 4 years (3 years on some...

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Damage to Vehicle by a Repair Shop

Generally speaking, we handle used car cases when an individual buys a used car only to find out after the sale that the car is suffering from a serious defect.  However, there are more potential causes of action that can arise from used cars than those that arise at...

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Debt Collection Defense Attorneys

The bulk of our caseload at Morrow & Artim PC is defending individuals who are sued by collection agencies.  We see lawsuits from Cavalry, LVNV Funding, Midland Funding and Portfolio Recovery Associates every day.  These guys are the large debt buyers and it...

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Bad Language in Car Contracts

Sadly, we lost a case the other week in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Here are the basic facts:  Our client purchased a used car from a local dealership that is known to sell questionable vehicles.  The next day, the car started exhibiting engine issues.  The...

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Getting a Refund from a Car Dealership

We receive calls almost daily from individuals who bought used cars that turned out to be crap.  Usually, the potential clients tell us one of two scenarios:  1.  He/she attempted to get a refund, but the dealership said, “No.”  2.  He/she attempted to get a refund,...

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Beating an Arbitration Clause

Along with lemon law cases and suing car dealerships for bad used cars, we represent clients who have lost their cars to repossession when they failed to pay their financing contracts. Pennsylvania law provides specific guidelines that banks have to follow when...

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5 Steps to Beat LVNV Funding in Court

LVNV Funding is a junk debt buyer that we used to deal with on a daily basis.  They fell under the radar for a few years and now appear to be making a comeback.  We've seen dozens of LVNV cases being filed across western Pennsylvania in the last few weeks.   Below,...

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Who is Cavalry SPV?

We're getting lots of cases from Cavalry SPV.  These cases are being filed in District Justice Court and the Court of Common Pleas.  In most instances, Cavalry is being represented by the fine attorneys at Apothaker Scian.   You've never had an account with Cavalry,...

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Keeping Records of Car Damage

Did you recently buy a new or used car and now you are experiencing problems?  Maybe your transmission is slipping, the car is making a weird noise, or a mechanic found frame damage?  These are all potentially legal issues and you may have a case against the...

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What’s Wrong with My Car?

Lots of used cars have problems.  The older they get, the more problems they have.  Most of the time, for those who have been driving for a long time, narrowing down the issue or defect isn't that hard.  Professional mechanics can often times just hear the defect and...

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2 Ways to Know If Your Car Is A Lemon

Did you recently buy a new or used car that has problems?  Have you contacted the dealership and been told there is nothing they can do?  Have you taken your car into the shop a bunch of times and you are still having problems?  These are common scenarios we hear all...

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Should I Negotiate with a Debt Collector?

We've received many inquiries this week about negotiating with debt collectors.  Let's get right to it... if you are sued by a debt collector, or even if you've received a phone call or a letter from them, you SHOULD NOT negotiate with them by yourself.   I'm not...

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What is a deficiency judgment after a repossession?

If you finance a vehicle purchase, or take a loan to buy a vehicle, you have to pay back that loan in accordance with the terms of the contract.  If you do not, the bank who loaned you the money will have a right to repossess the vehicle.  That means the bank will...

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Fraud in Certified Preowned Cars

Almost all major vehicle manufactures have a Certified Preowned Program.  Generally, speaking, this is a manufacturers way of raising the price on late model vehicles.  It usually means the vehicle is no more than 3-4 years old and the purpose of the certified...

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Common Problems with Used Cars

With the weather warming up, more people are getting outside, more people are shopping, more people are buying cars, and that means our phones are ringing more with used car problems.  This time of year always causes us to start wondering, "Is there a used car without...

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Repossession Letters

Most people who buy a new or used car have to finance the vehicle through a bank.  In other words, they take a loan to buy the car and then pay the loan back over a set number of years.  Some people fall on hard times and can't afford to make the monthly payment.  If...

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